While the rains bring with them much needed relief from the oppressive heat and humidity, they also bring along problems like clothes getting sodden and dirty from the downpour and mucky roads. Rainy season dresses do not have to be boring and depressing. In fact, the rainy season is perhaps the time when you can have the most fun with your clothes.

It is time to bring out your shorts, skirts, and gumboots. It is a season that lets you flaunt colorful umbrellas and hairdos that can make you look like a totally new person altogether. Here is a quick guide to rainy season dresses.

Here are some Rainy season Dresses that look chic and dry.

1.Short pant and crocs

Rainy season dresses

Crocs are a little expensive as to other sneakers. But it’s time we give priority to comfort over everything else. They are easy to dry and save you from splatter from your own feet and are comfortable to walk. This will go with anything especially jeans, shorts, dresses, and capris.


Rainy season dresses


The Denim jackets are one of the outfits that everyone wants to invest in. This jacket will actually help you during the rainy season. You can pair it with an ankle length denim and you can also fold it up and go with pencil skirts. The white sneaker looks grace with your rainy season dresses. The slip-on shoes save you from splatter and its also comfortable and make good statement.

3.Dress and classic trench

rainy season dresses

Most of us have to act like grown-ups and steps outdoor to show up at work. So, style by the classic trench. Monsoon is the best time for the classic trench. This looks stunning and also help you in the rainy season.

4.Dress in Ankle length boots

rainy seaseon dresses

Wear up a red dress and pair it with a pair of ankle boots, One of the rainy day dresses for parties. These boots help your feet from getting socked.

5. Jeans and Shrugs

Rainy season dresses

We all have these two items in our wardrobe and we all love them to wear. Fold your jeans to make its ankle length. This will protect you from water puddles. Wear a shrug, sweater, or cape depending on how hot or cold the weather is. The shrug will make the look pop and it is a smart addition to your rainy day dresses.

6.Legging and a Leather jacket

rainy season dresses

This is one of the easiest outfits to wear. you can wear the pair of the legging with a few tops and a leather jacket. These looks give you a stunning look and you can go everywhere with this looks.

7.Monochrome look

Rainy season dresses

Everyone worries about what to wear during the rainy season and only smart dressing can save you. A monochrome look in black is foolproof and it is established by now. All you need to do is bump it up with a fashionable rain jacket, a scarf, and, a messy bun hair and of course boots that complete your looks.

8. Turtleneck top and a half-jacket

Rainy season dresses

wear the turtleneck T-shirts with a legging, jegging and skinny trousers. Boots are your best accessories as it keeps your dress dry. So, choose the right sneakers during the rainy season.

9. Formal skirt and opaque stockings

Rainy season dresses

We all are busy in our day-to-day work, meetings, no matter how gloomy the weather gets. But you can be charming and wear exciting clothes even when the weather is not friendly on your side. A formal skirt with a shirt tucked in a very classy look. Pair them with stocking and finish the look with a coat.

10. Jumpsuit

Rainy season dresses

It is one of the most preferred costumes. Wear a jumpsuit with a slipper or a sneaker Start your day by wearing the coolest jumpsuits. You can also go with a jacket that brightens your outfits and looks gracefully.

Now that you know what to wear on a rainy day So, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy the rain without compromising the fashions and your dress.

Hope you liked all these cute rainy season dresses. Don’t forget to leave a message if you still have any question!

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