We all love shopping. While going to the mall and buying things seems like an easier option, but in reality, it is not as easy as seem. So, we are here with some great tips for street shopping for you, which will save your money and also help you to get the best out of many awesome collections in the local market.

Tips for street shopping that will help you a lot.

Don’t Be An Early Bird!!

While in most cases, being an early bird is good but not so much. If you reach early then definitely you get the best product but not in the best price. The shopkeeper maybe not in a mood to bargain with you because he might get a better price later in a day. The shopkeeper read your mind through your actions, words, and the way you react after seeing the price. So, don’t be an early bird, baby take time to think and for shopping.

Always Carry Changes!!

This is one of the basic things while you go shopping. Today we all depend on our debit or credit cards, no doubt these cards are easy to carry, just one swipe, and it’s done. But it’s not an option while you are going for street shopping. You must be carry changes while going shopping. Otherwise, there are high chances that you might lose out on the bargaining price. you must carry changes as possible when you go for the local market. Here is an e.g.supposed you bargained for a purse and the shopkeeper agreed on 170 bucks, but you don’t have change. So, you pay him 200 bucks and he too has no changes. So, the situation is you can’t go running for changes and obviously he won’t go. So, you either end up not to carry the purse or you may extra 30 rs. So, the lesson is- always carry changes.

Looks for fault!!

This is one of the tips for street shopping. Most of the products are export rejected in the local market. So, make sure you check every edges, color, corner, stitches, pattern while buying anything.

But Yeah!! if you like something that is cheap and looking stunning but needs a little work like just to fix them or mirror etc then don’t give up. Such things easily fixed up. So, I recommend you to buy and the issue can be fixed easily.

Overexcited? Keep it yourself !!

Sometimes we saw a gorgeous dress and can’t wait to buy it. But I suggest you to ask the butterflies to relax in your stomach and concentrate on bargaining. If you show too excited about buying a product, then the shopkeeper will never be lowering the price and you get loose the great deal. So, make sure you will be calm while shopping.

Not sure- Don’t buy!!

If you are not sure to buy something, it’s advisable to not waste your money. If you are not happy about buying something, don’t buy.

Carry a bag!!

Always carry your own big bag while going street shopping. This is one of the tips for street shopping. If you do not carry a bag then the shopkeeper takes extra charges to carry a bag. It’s really a waste of money. So, always carry a big bag when you are going shopping so that you can keep all those small packets or bags in it and move around with free hands.

Free Feet!!

Shopping can be a really tiring process. Imagine we are running around the street looking for amazing things to buy, wearing footwear that tired your feet is really a painful feeling. So, we strongly recommend you to wear comfortable footwear that makes your shopping happily.

Bargain, Bargain!!

This is the key elements for street shopping. Start from the lower bucks and move up gradually till both of you agree on a common price. You really need not feel embraced about bargaining because of the shopkeeper also aware of the fact that you want to. So, don’t be embarrassed while bargaining. So, just keep calm and bargain on !!

Dig Till The Bottom!!

You might find your best buys often hidden under the clothes. Street stores are loaded with lots of clothes. So, we advise you to go to the bottom of all the clothes until unless you are not sure. Who knows you might get your favorite clothes or dress under those ugly clothes.

Go  Through The Entire Market!!

Yeah, girls!! Always go through the entire market. because it may happen you missed anything. So, always go through the entire market.

So, these are some tips for street shopping that you should know before going shopping. It really helps you a lot.

I hope this blog will help you and also you like it.

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