Printed shirts are always in trends in all form like- stripes, geometrical, zig-zag, floral, etc. While we all love to wear printed shirts,  but it doesn’t mean you will know how to wear it on more than one occasion. we are always worried, how to wear a print shirt. So, don’t worry, we are here to tell or guide you and bring in some fashion model style technique.

So here are Indian models which show you how to wear a print shirt and make a day!

Check printed shirts

Check prints are classic print. Check print shirt makes your day, whether it is a casual outing or a day to work. It gives you a professionally looks. It can be worn on every occasion. You can opt for a  check shirt with a navy blue jeans or loafers. Complete your looks like Akshay Jain,  with a black belt, sunglasses, and a watch. you look good in this outfits.

Polka Vibes 

Polka dots- another print shirt. Wearing Polka print shirt with khaki pants and juttis and a scarf around the neck, are the perfect combination as Nitin Chauhan does.

Denim Wash

The denim shirt is undoubtedly every guy wants to wear. But if you have a printed shirt option than why you go for Denim shirt. Obviously, no one can replace the look like denim shirts. Acid wash Denim is back. We have seen our Instagram influencer Vaibhav Talwar wear a denim shirt with black jeans. He really looks great in denim shirts.

Geometric print

Geometric print shapes look good on shirts but only if you have worn correctly or right. Here, Rohit Khandelwal wears a shirt with squares all over in different size and colors. He wears geometrically printed shirts with brown chinos with the sneaker. This gives us the ultimate travel looks.

Print all over

If you have love to wear printed shirts then Mudit Malhotra shows you how to wear all over print shirts. He is wearing a bold cherry print shirt with a jacket that also has printed patches all over. He wears this shirt with a light brown pant with ink drop print. So, in this way, you also try this looks.

Floral Print

Guys Floral print is all the violence this season and every guy need to hold it. So, go for a Floral Print shirt with a pair of jeans or loafers and add a hat and sunglasses just like Prabh Uppal to get a perfect dashing look.


So, these are some Indian model tips to tell you how to wear the printed shirt with good accessories. printed shirt gives a professionally looks. So. I will suggest you go for all our 6 types of printed shirts…