Makeup is very important for everybody, however, an honest Eye makeup that makes your eyes look larger very uplifts the whole makeup done. Good eye makeup is the highlights on your face. There is no. of ways to describe your eyes using makeup but all that mascara, kajal, linear, shadow and highlight can get amazingly confusing. Eye makeup is pretty tough and long if you like a beautiful finishing, after all, like every makeup creators. I would say, it’s all about blending and yes the difference between a good eye makeup and a perfect eye makeup is blending.

As we know eye makeup is not an easy task because eyes are very sensitive and soft part of our body. Here are some tricks how your eyes look bigger and beautiful using makeup tricks.






eye makeup

eye makeup

eye makeup


eye makeup





The shaping of eyebrows is such a primary task. Eyebrows are most important as they provide whole structure to face. And not only for this purpose, the but good healthy pair of eyebrows with a perfect shape also bring beauty to your face. Brush them carefully to keep the perfect shape and highlight them by setting their shape using an eyebrow pencil. keep the look natural as possible.




eye makeup                                                          eye makeup                                                                                          eye makeup

As you know mascara totally transform your eyes and look them bigger and bold.

A black mascara gives a nice highlight to the lashes. Always begin using mascara from the root of your lashes and shimmy your ways to the tips. If you do not want to be bold then go for transparent one which will just make them stay in shape.

And always use high-quality eyelashes curler.




Eye makeup                                    eye makeup

It is a very important step, as the concealer removes all your dark spots and circles and patches around the eyes. But remember, you apply concealer without any patches.


Use fingers and sponge to even out a coat of concealer around the eyes. Choose the slightly lighter concealer than your foundation to brighten up.




eye makeup                  eye makeup

Before applying any shadows, mascara or eye linear you have to curl your lashes otherwise your eye makeup will be messy or dirty. Hold your eyelashes curler at the direction of your lashes and press down for 3 sec. Apply the same procedure to the middle of your lashes and once more at the end.




eye makeup

eye makeupeye makeup


eye makeup


First, you have to choose high-quality primer, use it as the base and your eyes shadow will stay fixed through the shower, rain, sweat and even the massive of oil slicks produced by the skin. High-quality eyeshadow and use the choose dark shade of eyeshadow for the bottom area of your skin.

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