Fashion is a popular or latest style of clothing, hair, shoes, jewelry, makeup etc. It is an art form, a glimpse into someone’s personality. It is a style, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, make-up, hairstyle,  and lifestyle. Fashion varies from people to people, religion to religion, gender to gender. It is a constant trend in the style in which people represent themselves. It is something which is ever- changing trends. Fashion come and stay for something and go, they may return the same popular style through Famous personality, celebrities, or the giant fashion houses. It is something with one feel comfortable. Fashion depends upon the climate, country, customs, exposure to media, and individual themselves. Maybe we are not buying or able to buy most of the famous, expensive brands but still, we desirous to look fashionable, because it comes from within the soul.

        “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others”- Anna Wintour.

In shorts, it has many shades. The decision is up to you, how you wear, use, or spend on fashion or trends. It is something with which we dealt with every day. It is a dynamic not a static.


“FASHION NEVER OUTDATED”. It means trends which are earlier in 19s have come back in 20 century. We have seen many live examples such that puff hairstyle, Anarkali suit, Boarder saree and plain saree and so many. We have to change according to the trends. Nowadays, people will judge you according to your personality, not your nature and behavior. Looks, it doesn’t mean you become rudeness or spent too much on style and looks. Styles and trends depend upon our location, climate, function, venue, and events. In recent times, there is various social media network by whom style and trends got exposure and spread all over the world.