In my previous blogs, I tell you about the men and women dress fashion trends. Now, today I tell you about the fashion accessories. As we all know to wear the fashionable dress without any fashionable accessories is waste. I mean if you wear a skirt and a top with this you can wear shoes is look like funny Hahahaha. So, it is very important to know about fashion accessories. There is the number of fashion accessories available in the market. Fashionable accessories like- Jewelry, bags, purse, shoes, and so on.. Fashion accessories are increasing rapidly day-to-day. we are influenced by watching actor, politician, sportsperson, actress. Now here are some accessories which you like to wear.

Jewelry- The fashion accessories


Today jewelry is a very well known fashion accessory for teenagers and children. Jewelry like-earrings, bracelet, rings, pendant, and so on. Long earrings are very much in trends. Especially college going girls love to wear long earring with skirt and jeans. Jewelry adds sparkles. It adds glamour and it shows off our own style and personality. Jewelry is the most attractive part of the trendy fashion.



whenever we are talking about fashionable clothes, with fashion accessories like- shoes, purse, most of them are going to choose black color. Black undoubtedly matches to all your outfits but when there are other colors available then why don’t you go for others also. There are some fashionable colors which also looks stunning.

Light brown color


The light brown color is so versatile. It looks good with your outfits. The color is good to go for your day- to- day outfits. It matches with every outfit no matter what you wear.

white color

People may not consider white as a color, just because the color is dirty too early. The white color is mostly known for its blending property. So, match this one with your outfit and look gorgeous.

Tiny purse

tiny purse

The best part of the tiny purse is that it attracts to all the ladies is small. It is so easy to carry and comfortable also. When you are going out on a beach and parties, you can carry this purse and looks gorgeous. The purse is very in trends and also fit with your outfits.

HAIRS -the fashion accessories

For looking gorgeous and trendy, hair is the most precious accessory. Your hair only decides your looks. Good hairstyle will make you stylish, while a bad hairstyle can just turn you into a bad experience. There are the variety of hair accessories that are interesting and beautiful. Many accessories like- Clips, headband, brooch, ribbon and so on.


hair clips

Clips are very basic hair accessories. These are available in various colors, shapes, design. Clips can be worn anywhere in hair.




we all are thinking that headbands are worn by children only. We stop wearing headband just because we are now grown up. I totally disagree with this. Hairbands make you look feminine.


ribbons fashion accessories

The ribbon is almost wearing all of you in your childhood. But now we do not see girls wearing ribbons. So, let us update the fashion with ribbons. Ribbon go well with skirts and you can also use it to tie your ponytail.