There are some basic men fashion tips that every guy should follow. Let me mention some of them

  1. Invest in quality, not quantity.
  2. wear slim fit dress
  3. choose the plain or small pattern.
  4. Pair Denim jackets with solid t-shirts to provide minimalism to your look.

Now if you want to look taller then

  • Comb your hair up
  • Go for no break pants
  • wear shoes that have the platform heel
  • Your jacket should finish at the waist and the sleeves should be a little shorter

Now if you want to look slimmer

  • wear clothes that fit your body perfectly but it shouldn’t be too fitted or tight.
  • Use a patterned scarf to brighten up your look
  • Wear V-neck
  • choose straight fit pants

Now you need to know some basic and inexpensive Men Fashion tips to dress well and make heads turn

Tips#1: You need only 4 shirts

Men fashion tips

Every man should own a white shirt. Other than that you can also buy a black, light blue, and royal blue shirts.

  1. The shirts should be monochrome (single color). No flunky print, just plain color.
  2. If you are an Indian man, Invest only 5-6 shirts of these colors, which are of price greater than 1500INR. Below that the quality is simply bad. It’s economically better than buying 10 shirts of 900 INR.
  3. Prefer slim fit shirts over regular fit shirts.

Tips#2: If you are not toned, don’t wear t-shirts.

T-shirt looks good on people who have a good body and toned muscles. Very few people fall into the ideal toned category. So, If you are skinny or have a belly, either way, the t-shirt will expose that. But, who wants to wear a formal shirt that’s why shorts shirts come in.

Tips#3: Turn your shirt into a short shirt and roll up your sleeves

men fashion tips

Tucked in shirts look very formal. Wear your shirts over your trouser. If the length of shirts is not right, then go to your tailor and get it cut with lengthwise, So that it reaches a little below your waist.

If you want to look bit formal, just tuck them in, although because of short length, you might need to adjust from time to time.

Tips#4: Learn to correctly roll up your sleeves

men fashion tips

The most stylish way to fold up your sleeve is this way:

  • Pull the overturn cuff all the way to just below your elbow. Without folding, turning the sleeve inside out as it goes.
  • Take the bottom of the inside-out portion and fold it up until it traps the bottom of the cuff.

Tips#5: Grow a beard

men fashion tips

Not exactly a dressing sense, but it will alter your appearance. Beard highlight your jawline and make it look sharper. Think of how women use eyeliner to draw their eyes with “sharper” lines, your beard is your natural make-up and you can define your jaw to make it look the way you want. Best bet is to give it an angular jawline. This can be risky to get right at home. So, visit a good saloon for the best time.

Tips#6: If you are skinny, layer your clothing

Skinny people can look better by wearing a jacket or a casual shirt over a t-shirt

  1. Try wearing the underlying t-shirts as white or light blue.
  2. Tuck in the underlying t-shirts. It looks cleaner that way.

Tips#7: Spend more time on shopping

Yes, that sounds simple and also very girly(?). But you have to discover what works best for you. So, take your time to choose the best outfits. This is one of the simplest men fashion tips.

Tips#8: Class up your Footwear

Your dirty beat up sneaker will ruin another excellent outfit. You”ll want to change them with something more impressive. And don’t think people don’t notice your shoes. They notice.

So, these are some Men Fashion Tips that will helpful for you.

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