Shahid Kapoor is one of the best actors in Bollywood. He is also known for Bollywood COMPLETE PACKAGE.  Complete packages, I mean about his dance, comedy, fitness, acting,  good looking, personality, and so on. He is creating style rends get again with his new looks. He is one of the stylish men who has given styles goals to the young boys. He is the very charming actor. He recently impressed us with his style game. He has been a creative mind or you can say he is so innovative regarding his looks and outfits.

shahid kapoor

He always thinking about how it looks, what he wore and nail it. The latest instance was his appearance in an all white style outfit, wore a white kurta with the strangest pair of jeans. You will totally confused about his street style game.

Is it really a pair of jeans? or a kurta with a vertical line?  It’s not until you have seen the pattern that they are, In fact, it is the coolest pair of jeans.

Now let us talk about Shahid Kapoor style and accessory. His shoes and accessory are absolutely trendy. He is wearing a Dope pair of black and white sneakers by Dong Jun Kang. shahid Kapoor tries best in fashion and the best part is that he nails it.

shahid kapoor


 we love about outfits or apparel is that the simpleness. It is also in our comfort zone, eye-catching looks, looking handsome. We all are learned fashion from our idles. Bollywood actor, actress, tv stars play a very important role to reach fashion in general public or audience.

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