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Every girl has a dream to look like the princess at her wedding. But somehow they have a  compromise with their dreams. So, today I tell you about the best wedding gown with a fabulous hairstyle and accessories. As I mentioned in my previous blogs that wearing a dress without matching accessories is waste.


The wedding dress is the wedding gown that is worn by the bride during her wedding. Wedding gown color, style and ceremonial are very religious to religious and culture to culture.

The wedding dress is an iconic part of the wedding. Selecting a wedding dress is a great experience for the bride. Selecting a dress make a statement about how she wants to be seen and remembered that day. your Wedding gown should be chosen according to time, location, religious, modern, traditional and themed. These all things have a great impact on your wedding gown. As there are multiple of wedding gowns available in the market. Before you start searching for a wedding gown, It is best to think about how you want to see yourself at your wedding ceremony. It helps you to search for exactly what you want. Doing this will make your choice of wedding gown much easier. Your shapes also matter a lot.

There are different types of gowns. So, it is best to try silhouettes so that you can choose one that feels the most like you and also that fits your personal style with your body shape. You have to pay more attention to how the dress fits your body.

If you always loved your narrow waist than an A-line shape may be the best fit for you.

But yea, there is no hard and fast rule for this. You always prefer that wedding gown which gives the right shape, feel confident and beautiful. And exactly how you will want to looks at your wedding day. Long sleeves, to elegant crepe and off shoulder sleeves, is looking so fashionable.

Shoes with a wedding gown

wedding shoe

After deciding your wedding gown, its time to scout for the perfect shoes. Invest your time in proper style, jewelry that exactly match with your wedding gown. Your wedding gown may be the stars of the day, but the right accessories will totally evaluate you look and add your personal touches. No outfit is complete without the pair of shoes. Of course, you have many options that go with the gorgeous dress. but doesn’t means you have to compromise with your comfort zone. while shopping you have to consider the height of heels, stripes and the material. Always look for the high-quality materials because these will give you a perfect shoe with awesome quality and feel comfortable.


wedding gown

Your wedding gown with perfect fashion accessories is like icing on the cake. For a white dress, choose jewelry in silver or platinum or with pearl. Accessories add a unique touch to your looks. You can also go for golden shades earrings, that also look stunning.


wedding gown

Choose your hairstyle before picking up your jewelry. For e.g. the flower crown looks awesome in loose hair or in half tightened hair also. You also have varies options for your hairstyle. Look in that images.


Remember, your dress will represent you. Dress shopping should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Buying a wedding gown is an emotional moment for the girl as well as for the family. So, make sure whatever dress you pick, you feel comfortable and beautiful. Choose your best feature and perfect dress that highlights you in your wedding ceremony.