HELLO EVERYONE. Today I am talking about the t-shirt. Whenever we are hearing the word t-shirt our mind quickly click on maybe its polo t-shirts, denim t-shirts and etc, but today which I am talking about T-shirt is not a simple t-shirts which we all can wear in day to day life. It’s a DIGITAL OR SMART T-SHIRT. Yeah, you hear right. This smart t-shirt allows you to customize Slogans, Images using your smartphone.smart t-shirt


The Hyderabad based startup wants to shake the foundation of the wearable tech industry with its innovative idea of putting technology into the clothes. Such a great and unique idea. The question which inspired them to start broadcast wear is ” WHY DO PEOPLE SPEND MORE MONEY WHEN THEY CAN WEAR A T-SHIRT WHICH NOT ONLY HAS SAME COST, LOOKS BUT ALSO WORKS LIKES A TECH ACCESSORY?

Company name- BROADCAST WEAR



smart tshirt

They started this project in Feb2016. The company has developed many products now – all focused on transforming into tech accessories. The company has developed many products on the same line. They say the technology allows an apparel to be aware of its surroundings and interact and engage the environment around you.

An equalizer feature allows the wearer to display the music wave on her or his chest upon entering a pule.”The phone listens to the music and music waves are displayed on the LED panel ” explain NAGUBANDI.

The company had also entered the fitness wear category which allows the wearer to indicate her or his way through LED panel at the back of the shoulder. It is the t-shirt which keeps track of your fitness, Daily fitness like the no. of steps walked and the no. of floors climbed, calories burnt, and etc.

Now the next comes to the cycling jersey. Usually, people prefer cycling either in early morning and evening. The natural light is very low at that time which increases the possibilities of hitting them. The cycling jersey has LED sensor which lights up back of the neck and acts as an indicator.

smart t-shirt

The app allows storing all the images, design, slogan which is created by the users. The LED panel of the smart t-shirt is very thin and connected to the battery and the Bluetooth chip. It serves as a connection between the smart t-shirt and the app. The display panel has 8 rows and 32 columns which provide the users with a limit of the 160 characters.

Now the time for discussing How To Wash This Smart T-shirt? Don’t worry, You can wash this smart t-shirt same as you should wash other normal t-shirts. There is no difference in washing element.smart t-shirt

The founder has taken care to preserve the fundamental character of the clothes. You can wash this smart t-shirt in multiple times. you can also fold and used in any way regular apparel can. This smart t-shirt cannot be washed in the washing machine.

Now the company is currently working on a bed sheet which would enable the users to track their sleeping pattern. The company is working on the new and very unique idea.

The plan is to keep innovating with the sole aim of eliminating the extra gadgets from your body.

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